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City Council is talking about the 4th wave, changes to waste collection and recognizing National Day for Reconciliation.

City Council is talking about the 4th wave, changes to waste collection and recognizing National Day for Reconciliation.

It's starting to feel a lot like fall, but I hope you get to enjoy a wonderful long weekend. Like many of you, I have "back to school in mind", and just dropped off our youngest at the College of Education this morning, while our oldest is completing his degree at the Edwards School of Business. 


It has been a busy few weeks as we try to navigate the fourth wave of Covid 19.  There is a new mask mandate in all civic facilities and public transit, and Council has requested information to decide whether proof of vaccination will also be required. I anticipate that decision coming to Council later this month.  I want to share a recent Twitter message from the Chief Medical Health Officer for the Sask Health Authority, Dr. Susan Shaw:

Vaccines are safe.

Vaccines save lives.

Add on masks and even more lives are saved.

Economies depend on alive people and a healthy safe society who can work, spend, travel.

There are pop up mobile clinics being held in areas around the city.  I hope you will take the opportunity to get vaccinated as soon as possible.


Council has made the decision to move all waste onto our utility bills.  This is in support of best practices and designed to divert waste from our landfill and improve economic and environmental sustainability. It may also provide the opportunity for options going forward such as “pay as you throw” or variable bin sizes.


In support of residential school survivors, Saskatoon will join other municipalities and jurisdictions to make September 30th a statutory holiday for civic staff and facilities. National Day for Truth and Reconciliation was recently established by the federal government.


This program went live on September 1st, and the response has been amazing. Many residents are interested in this long-term loan program that provides opportunities to improve energy efficiency now, and pay for it through property tax over time. For more information, go to

This month, Council will be asked to make a decision about speed limits in our city.  While I have not taken a position on this, I am increasingly wondering if actual residential streets should be reduced to 40km per hour. I am less convinced that traffic corridors such as 8th Street, Taylor or Clarence should be changed.  I receive a lot of complaints about speed, but when studied results rarely show violation. This may indicate a need to slow down inside our neighbourhoods.  I note that Calgary and Edmonton have joined the list of cities moving in this direction. I will continue to study this and happy to hear your feedback.

Enjoy the long weekend, and don’t forget to check out the Broadway Street Fair on September 11th.



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