May 2022 Update

Goodbye and hello to local grocery stores, and have your say on a large development proposal along the Riverbank in Nutana.

Hello Ward 6,

Over the past month, we said goodbye to the grocery store on Broadway, but also learned that Pitchfork Market is getting ready to move into Midtown Plaza.  This long-awaited amenity is good news for the downtown, and the grocer indicated it will be looking at other opportunities to grow its business model. As we move toward a more livable, walkable city, having groceries where people live is a key goal and I will continue to support policies that help to achieve this.

The Basics:

The residential spring sweep gets underway May 9th so watch for those “no parking” sandwich boards on your street. Find out more here: Street Sweep Schedule

Note, alley grading will begin immediately following the residential sweep.


If you have a pothole to report, here is an easy way to let the city know: Report a Pothole  For all other operational needs, please call: 306-975-2476


Construction season is swinging into full gear and you can expect notice in your mailbox when work is happening in your area. You can also sign up for construction updates at:  This year, the City has earmarked approximately $65.16 million for road and bridge construction and maintenance, and there is a significant amount of sidewalk rehabilitation happening in Ward 6, including adding sidewalks to streets where none previously existed. 


Downtown Emergency Wellness Centre:

With support from the City and others, Saskatoon Tribal Council is actively seeking a permanent location for the Emergency Wellness Centre. Council has granted an extension to the downtown location until the end of June and indicated it will support a bylaw amendment to allow the centre to stay in place until April of 2023.  Council’s last meeting made clear that without the extension, vulnerable people would have no where to go.  A recent visit to Calgary confirmed what we are hearing from cities across Canada, as homelessness has risen substantially due to the drug crisis. To get an idea of the challenges our community is facing, I encourage you to watch the discussion at Council.  Just click the link and go to 10.4.2.  Council Meeting April 2022 Council has also directed a comprehensive safety and maintenance plan.





Council has passed a budget adjustment for 2022 to ensure the SPCA can continue to look after animals it receives through the City’s pound services. The SPCA says it is concerned about its ability to keep up with demand, and our administration will work with the organization to develop a recommendation to Council in time for this fall’s budget deliberations.


30-Storey Infill Proposal

A 30-storey multi-use development is being proposed at 555 Eastlake Avenue, on the riverbank. The first public open house takes place virtually on May 11th at 7pm, and there will be more engagement opportunities announced at a later date. To learn more go to:   *Note: The link to the virtual event will be posted no later than Tuesday, May 10th.

It is important to me that we apply strict rules in consideration of any re-zoning proposal including shading, impact on existing residents and protecting the interior of neighbourhoods. Of course, slope stability is paramount and an independent geotechnical analysis is always part of any riverbank development.

I want to support projects that respect the unique nature of our heritage neighbourhoods; build density at the core; reduce urban sprawl and city operational costs; and increase financial and environmental sustainability.

A few more notes:

The City is accepting applications for the Active Transportation Advisory Group between May 9th and May 29th. The group will help to determine future plans for AT in Saskatoon. The City is also inviting your input on public art for the coming Bus Rapid Transit system. To find out more go to:

Help make our neighbourhoods look even more amazing, by joining a spring clean up.  Information is provided on your Community Association website and/or through Facebook. *Note: Varsity View/Grosvenor Park is tomorrow!

Huge thanks to everyone working to make our community a better place, including all of the awesome moms!  Happy Mother’s Day


Sincerely, Cynthia


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