March 2022 Update

Snow and the pandemic continue to wreak havoc in our city, and I hope we will soon see the end of both.

The ice, snow, cold, freeze/thaw of 2022 is unlike anything I have seen before, and I have heard frustrations from many of you.  The City committed to a full residential plan to grade ruts on streets and alleys, completing the work in just 12 days. Saskatoon budgets snow and ice services based on averages, and the City continues to seek efficiencies and improve planning to ensure we have the right tools in place to address these unusual snow years. For more information on the current service levels, check out:  Sidewalks continue to challenge and with more snow on the way it is more important than ever that we try to keep our sidewalks clear. Thank you to everyone doing their best to support pedestrians.

As the provincial public health orders for Covid 19 have now been lifted, City Council has decided to maintain masking protocols for public civic facilities including leisure centres and transit. There are still significant pressures on our healthcare system in dealing with Covid 19, even as there are leading indicators such as wastewater showing signs of viral abatement.  The City will continue to monitor and report publicly as we navigate this next phase of the pandemic.   

With the weather forecast, it may be hard to believe but construction season is just around the corner. A number of large construction projects are planned in Ward 6, including roads, sidewalks and watermain replacements. Information leaflets are being sent to affected areas, and you can also check out the interactive map to see the plans for 2022. To learn more and to sign up for project updates go to: 

There are a number of areas under review in Saskatoon, and you can have your say by checking out the City’s Engage page. Reviews include: infill guidelines, childcare/group homes, park development standards and tree  

Tomorrow is the deadline to apply for appointment to the Downtown Event and Entertainment District Advisory Group.  (March 4th – 5pm) The Advisory Group's role is to foster connections between business and community partners, and the City Administration and City Council to support the successful implementation of a new event and entertainment district in Downtown Saskatoon.

Don’t forget to get your green cart subscription before April 30th to receive the early bird price at $65 for the season.

Stay safe out there!




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