I want to see the continued acceleration for road and sidewalk improvements in Ward 6. I am proud that economic recovery capital funding is being used to further accelerate infill sidewalks and rehabilitation of existing sidewalks, including accessibility ramps.

We are making exceptional progress on this, to the envy of communities across North America. Through an accelerated timeline, we will be lead-free by 2026.

Improvements have been made to the Residential Parking Permit program, but I believe we still have more work to do to ensure residents in and near businesses, hospitals and educational institutions have reasonable access to on-street parking.

Ward 6 communities are known for the urban forest canopy, Meewasin Trail and vibrant parks. It is time to ensure that green investment is serving us well into the future. This includes preservation and protection of these assets, but also seeking new opportunities. A good example is the new dry pond being built at W.W. Ashley Park, which will provide flood mitigation to neighbouring streets, a protected soccer pitch and the added benefit of a partnership with Aden Bowman Collegiate for another new soccer pitch.

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