April City News from Cynthia 2022

Street sweeping, potholes and construction

Welcome to April, and the sunshine! (Photo taken just 2 weeks ago)

There is just nothing like a Saskatonian in the spring.  Above zero and walking the dog in boots/toque/mitts and shorts!  I love this time of year. It’s the start of so many things outdoors, and I can’t wait to take them all in and enjoy the months ahead.  

At City Hall, the work is changing over from snow and ice to street sweeping and construction. Here are a few details.

 Street Sweeping

The sweepers are out in full force on main roads and business districts.  There will also be some work done on busier residential streets, where sweepers work around parked cars to pick up the bulk of debris before the full curb-to-curb residential sweep.  This has turned out to be a very efficient way to ensure the general sweep is done in a coordinated and streamlined fashion.  The residential street sweep will begin in early May, and parking restrictions will be clearly advertised on your street.


The combination of moisture and freeze-thaw cycles is hard on pavements and potholes. Crews are using cold mix asphalt concrete to do temporary repairs on potholes with a focus on high traffic streets.  Hot mix will be available around mid-April and then permanent repairs will take place.  Residents can report potholes by calling the customer care center at 306-975-2476 or reporting through the online map at www.saskatoon.ca/potholes

Gravel Back Lanes

This is a tough time of year for gravel back lanes.  They are very wet, get rough with traffic and in many cases, experience water ponding as they are designed to take water from the adjacent properties as well as the snowmelt from the lane itself.    

Crews can’t get into the back lanes to make them smoother when they are wet, as the heavy equipment will only make them worse.  As soon as the back lanes have dried enough, crews will start to blade every back lane in the city.   


As mentioned previously, there are a number of large projects happening in Ward 6 for road/water main/sidewalk rehabilitation and replacement.  You will be notified in advance of this work, and can sign up for updates here:  www.saskatoon.ca/construction

Here are some decisions made at City Council over the past month:

  • Mask mandate continues this month for Saskatoon Transit
  • School Zone/Park Zone changes will go into effect in September
  • Knox United Church Parking Lot no longer has heritage designation
  • Saskatoon Sister City, Chernivtsi, will receive $10,000 via Saskatoon Firefighters, exclusively for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.
  • The Downtown Event Centre and Entertainment District Advisory Board has been approved. This is a big step forward, as Saskatoon plans for a long-term, multi-faceted project that will change the face of our downtown. The Advisory Group is just one of many committees/groups that will inform the way forward and there will be wide public engagement as we work to create a district with and for our whole community.  Go to: saskatoon.ca  Search: Downtown Event and Entertainment District

And a few more updates:

  • The Marr Roof is built and complete! Thanks to everyone who helped support this project.
  • Engagement is underway for: College Drive Corridor Planning and Small Dog Park on the East side. Have your say here: saskatoon.ca/engage
  • The green cart early bird special is available until April 30th saskatoon.ca/greencart

One more quick note, your community associations are busy organizing a number of events this spring and summer, with a spring cleanup kicking off the season.  Stay involved by finding your CA online or through FB. It’s a great way to stay connected to activities happening in your neighbourhood.

Enjoy the day!

Sincerely, Cynthia





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