February Updates

Hello Ward 6,

It has been a very difficult time for many in our city due to the pandemic, and it is comforting to know that so many of you are stepping up to help where you can. I want to specifically thank all those on the front lines, including our amazing health care workers, emergency service providers and everyone working to provide services that allow the rest of us to get through this time.

Here are a few recent highlights from City Hall:

Assessment Notices

Saskatoon property owners are receiving assessment notices, as is done every four years in Saskatchewan, and you can learn more here:

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In light of the challenges during the pandemic, Council readjusted the municipal budget to lower the tax increase to 2.83 per cent.

Saskatoon’s Residential Parking Permit

Saskatoon’s Residential Parking Permit bylaw has officially been amended. The new guidelines will take a more holistic approach. While RPP designation will still be initiated primarily through resident petition, City administration will consider the impact to a wider area, and permits may be allowed outside of official RPP zones in special circumstances.

RPP Bylaw


There are two applications for re-zoning coming to Council over the next few months, including a four storey condominium at the corner of Cumberland and Main, and a six storey condominium on Mainstreet near Broadway Avenue.  There are also a number of projects under consideration that add cycling infrastructure to existing urban streets, as the city works to create an All Ages and Abilities cycling network. In Ward 6, the City is studying the addition of a bikeway on 14th Street from Cumberland Avenue to the River, and also expansion of the Victoria cycling route south of 8th Street. Learn more and provide feedback here:

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While infill growth is necessary, and active transportation an important partner to support that growth, it is important to me that new projects are done respectfully and in consideration of both adjacent properties and the overall neighbourhood.  I also continue to work toward funding tools that will better support amenities for infill neighbourhoods. Find out more about the Growth Plan:

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As Saskatoon’s Growth Plan takes shape, the Official Community Plan calls for high density development along main transportation corridors such as 8th Street and College Drive, and medium density restricted to areas near the corridors, on the outskirts of neighbourhoods. The OCP also calls for preserving and protecting the single-family residential character on the interior of neighbourhoods. Building density in the heart of the city is designed to reduce urban sprawl and support an economically and environmentally sustainable city.  Corridor planning is a major element of the plan. Through this program, the City will engage with residents to determine future zoning along the corridors. As each Corridor Plan is developed, the potential to rezone the area will be discussed.  Re-zoning discussions will start with College Drive, but at this point, the City is not pursuing large areas of rezoning in any residential areas.

I want to give a huge shout out to the Ward 6 community associations.

They are going above and beyond in these unusual times, to provide virtual programming and great outdoor opportunities in your neighbourhood. Thank you!  Hopefully Covid 19 will soon be in the rearview mirror.

Stay safe,


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