December Updates

Hello Ward 6, and welcome to residents of Brevoort Park!

Ward 6 now includes: Nutana, Varity View, Grosvenor Park, Buena Vista, Holliston, Haultain, Downtown and Brevoort Park.

First, a shout out to everyone who is doing their part to follow provincial health guidelines to control the spread of Covid 19, and a heartfelt thank you to all who are on the front lines. Exponential growth of cases is a grave concern as our hospitals are reaching maximum capacity.  I am reminded of a riddle that puts into sharp focus the dangers if we are not able to control transmission.

A pond has one lily pad and doubles each day. On day 30 the pond will be full. On what day is the pond half full? (Answer to come)

Council is back to work in full force, albeit virtually, and the 2021 budget has been adjusted to provide some relief to residents and businesses. Here is a snapshot:

Covid 19 and a record snowfall event put great pressure on the City’s budget.

Thanks to pandemic funding from the provincial and federal governments, and a one-time draw down of City reserves, Council was able to make these adjustments without reducing services.  As the snow crews work to remove the excessive snow piles in our neighbourhoods, please do your part to ensure your vehicle is off the street when the sandwich board signs go up. Wondering when your street will get done? Here is the schedule:


Thank you for your patience as this work is anticipated to take several weeks.

The next online Neighbourhood Bikeways Project Engagement for Victoria Avenue takes place this week:

Water Conservation Strategy

The City of Saskatoon is developing a long-term Water Conservation Strategy that aims to provide an action plan of water reduction initiatives for indoor and outdoor use in all sectors, including residential; industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors; and the City itself.

Get involved by filling out the survey:


There are proposals for new multi-residential buildings in Nutana and Varsity View.

Here are the details for the online public meetings:


I want to send a huge THANK YOUto our community association volunteers who are working hard to provide safe winter activities during the pandemic.

You can find out more by checking out their Facebook pages.

Also, note that starting this weekend, there will be free parking in all business improvement districts on Saturdays for the rest of December, January, February and March.

Here is the answer to the riddle:  Day 29.  The pond will be half-full with lily pads, the day before it is full!When a danger is growing exponentially, everything looks fine until it doesn’t.

Exponential growth of Covid 19 is a grave concern, and I urge everyone to take additional precautions to reduce bubbles and postpone in-person celebrations. This will help to ensure those who require medical care, will receive it.

The worldwide pandemic is turning out to be a marathon; not a sprint– but there is reason for optimism as vaccines are anticipated to begin distribution in Canada shortly.  The process will take many months, but the end is near. Let’s not let this last stretch deter our resolve to flatten the curve. I’m hearing about virtual celebrations and drive-by gifting to keep our spirits bright this holiday season.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy holiday season, and may 2021 soon see us kick Covid 19 to the curb.

Warmest Regards,


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