COVID-19 Update - April 8th

Hello Ward 6

How is your physical distancing going? HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who is stepping up to support our community during this time.  It is truly inspiring and heart-warming to watch how people are coming together, even as we stay apart.

Like everyone, our household has been trying to adjust, with one child returning early from University and the other learning to Zoom so we can virtually visit while he is in Regina for the U of S Coop program. Mike and I are both working from home, going for walks with our dog and trying to help out neighbours if they need essentials, like groceries.

City Council is finding new ways to meet online during the pandemic. It is truly remarkable what our administration has been able to achieve in such a short period of time, as every aspect of the corporation has undergone enormous restructuring to maintain essential services. Visit the City’s COVID-19 webpage for information on civic services and the City’s response:


Physical Distancing (Social Distancing) is working

Evidence from other jurisdictions in Canada and around the world show this is an important factor to reduce cases of Covid 19, and the Saskatchewan Health Authority is encouraging everyone to continue to observe a distance of 2 metres or 6 feet from anyone who is not living in your household.

The City has made numerous changes to support the effort, including how employees are working, Transit schedules and capacity restrictions, adding protections for drivers, closing playground equipment and one-way walking/cycling on most bridges. We know we have more work to do, so thank you for your patience as we try to improve physical distancing initiatives.

With the upcoming Easter holiday and many other religious celebrations, including Passover and Ramadan, please remember that the risk of contracting Covid 19 is greater whenever we invite anyone into our household who doesn’t normally live with us.  Also, outdoor contact with others should remain 2 metres apart. At our house, we are organizing an on-line chat with family members this weekend and planning for a big celebration when this is over. While we don’t know exactly when, we do know from other areas of the world that physical distancing is a large determining factor.

*Note: To further support physical distancing, only one member per household should go into a grocery store. We are also asked to limit grocery shopping to once per week.


Canada’s Chief Medical Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, has stated that cloth masks help reduce transmission of the virus, and could be helpful if we have to be in public.  This is new information, and many of us are trying to figure out how to source these masks. There is good information on-line to make your own.  Also, the Facebook account, “Caremongering” may be useful. Masks are not a substitute for physical distancing or washing your hands.   Don’t forget that cloth masks should be washed after every outing.


Any senior needing help to get groceries or a friendly volunteer caller may contact a new volunteer group called the YXE Community Response to COVID-19 by:
Email at:  [email protected]
Or by phone:  306-361-4357

There are also many other organizations that are helping.  To keep updated visit the Saskatoon Council on Aging website:  


Vulnerable Sector

Thank you to the more than 40 groups and agencies working with all levels of government to avoid an outbreak among those living in shelters in our city. Protecting the most vulnerable helps to mitigate the spread of Covid 19, protects our healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed and ensures better healthcare for everyone. 

Saskatoon United Way and the Saskatoon Community Foundation are working together to support the effort.  If you are able to help out, you can make a donation to the Saskatoon Community Foundation:


Or United Way Saskatoon:



While the City is not involved in the Covid-19 financial program, I wanted to ensure you have the information if you or someone you know needs financial help because of a lost job, lost income, or your business has been impacted by COVID-19.

Check out Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan:



Even as we prepare for a surge of cases in our city and province, the City is actively working on plans for the recovery.  In collaboration with other levels of government, the business community and many other stakeholders, a plan is evolving to ensure Saskatoon is well-positioned to get our city moving again as quickly as possible.

For more information on the many Covid-19 resources in our community, check out the Saskatoon COVID-19 Service Directory:


One further note, many of you have been cheering on our local heroes, the men and women in health and emergency services, who are on the frontlines of our Covid 19 response.  Some of you have even started banging pots and pans on the doorstep at 7pm each evening as the shifts change, similar to what we have seen in other countries.  Thank you!

Let’s keep up the great effort, Saskatoon!  Please stay well.  Stay socially connected, but physically distant. Keep supporting one another.  And don’t forget to observe the many wonderful neighbours who are brightening up our days with house messages and sidewalk art.  These small gestures go a long way.  With everyone pulling together, we will crush the curve and rise like never before.

Happy Easter!


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