February Updates


It might not seem like it yet, but construction season is just around the corner and there are some large scale projects happening in Ward 6.  The largest one will take place along Clarence Avenue, and also Temperance and Aird Streets east of Clarence. The work will include a complete overhaul of underground pipes, lead lines, roadway and sidewalks.  Also, work on the Sid Buckwold Bridge will be completed this year, including improvements to the pedestrian walkway. As we work to catch up on the backlog of infrastructure needs in our ward, we are seeing important investments in our historical neighbourhoods.

Buses on Broadway

As the Sid Buckwold Bridge detours are about to begin, the Nutana Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Stakeholder group has decided to move the 8th Street BRT route down Broadway beginning on March 29th.  This stakeholder group has been instrumental in helping to work with the City to ensure a successful transition.  Thank you to all volunteers.  Also, in case you missed it, the City is working toward an EV fleet when the full BRT rolls out in 2025. 

Cycling Bylaw

Saskatoon has further updated its bicycle bylaw. The changes include the following:

  • Children under 14 are allowed to ride on the sidewalk (previous age was 12 years old)
  • Cyclists are not required to use cycling infrastructure

Changes made last fall include:

  • Vehicles must stay one metre away from cyclists whenever possible
  • Cyclists must stay one metre away from pedestrians whenever possible

I’m not sure we have found the right approach on this bylaw, but there has been robust engagement with stakeholders including schools and the Saskatchewan Health Authority.  Saskatoon’s cycling bylaw is in keeping with other cities across Canada and North America. 

Neighbourhood Bikeways Project

As we strive to find the right approach to protect all users of our roads and sidewalks, the Neighbourhood Bikeways Project kicks off Wednesday night with an Open House at Emmanuel Baptist Church on Dufferin Avenue from 7pm-9pm. (March 4th

14th Street and Victoria Avenue south of 8th Street are among the areas targeted for new cycling corridors.  Cyclists, motorists and pedestrians are all encouraged to participate in this engagement.  You can find more information here

Good Night Sleep

The City is replacing the conventional, “beep-beep-beep” heavy equipment back-up alarms, with a “white noise” back-up alarm. This is a welcome improvement in neighbourhoods, as road maintenance, including snow clearing, road repairs and street sweeping, have backing up and maneuvering equipment that can disturb residents in the area. With City operations running 24/7, a lot of road work is done at night when fewer vehicles are on the road.  The Downtown Business Improvement District is also installing this equipment, and private contractors will be encouraged to do the same.

A few other notes:

A big shout out to everyone who participated in the Winter Bike to Work day earlier this month.  Despite the frigid cold temperatures, stations were hosted around the city to keep folks warm with hot beverages and treats.

As many of us learn more ways to embrace our winter city, we will soon see the first draft of our WintercityYXE Strategy.

The Residential Parking Permit review is expected to be completed soon, and should be back before Council in April.

The City now has a searchable database of current Community Association programming on its website. Thank you to all of our Ward 6 community association volunteers for their tremendous work in providing these neighbourhood activities.

Enjoy the longer days!



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