January Updates


We are continuing the dialogue about the best way to move forward with a curb-side organics program.  The bi-weekly service is to begin in 2020, but Council wants to ensure it is implemented as cost effectively as possible. We asked for a report on a phase-in approach, and whether a delay could impact our landfill diversion target of 70% by 2023. Council is also requesting more clarity about whether it’s possible for composters to opt out of the program.

Condominium at College and Clarence

Council has approved re-zoning by agreement that will see a 12-storey condominium built at the top of the University Bridge.  Questions raised by residents helped to guide a more thorough vetting process to ensure potential issues are thoroughly addressed, including: traffic, parking, slope stability, emergency services and construction impacts.

The project supports the Growth Plan and aligns with the Official Community Plan, calling for increased density in and near the core, along major transportation corridors and specifically along College Drive. The condominium will be built next to the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, which has been described as a ‘subway on wheels’.  The BRT could begin construction within the next 2 years. All of this helps our city become more efficient, sustainable and affordable to nurture a vibrant, progressive 21st Century city.

After spending time on the doors, on the phone and many email conversations over the last number of months, I know there are folks who are disappointed with this outcome.  I have also spent many hours in meetings with experts and read extensive reports as they relate to the project.  Ultimately, the job of our elected officials is to do the heavy lifting on our behalf, sometimes requiring tough decisions. This was certainly one of them. 

Defining the Growth Plan

On a go-forward basis, our administration is working to further define growth corridors and potential changes to zoning, in order to bring more clarity for residents.  Also, I introduced a motion aimed at finding a new way to support our neighbourhoods.  Administration will review options regarding financial mechanisms that could be applied to new multi-unit residential infill developments to fund community amenities in infill neighbourhoods, such as sidewalks, parks and trees. This includes investigating potential use of new incremental tax revenues.

*Note: The public hearing for rezoning 604/610 Broadway Avenue to B5B is set for Monday, February 25th at 6pm in Council Chambers. The developer is proposing a 17 storey condominium.

Coffee with Your Councillor

The next Coffee with Your Councillor will take place at Mulberry’s Café and Bakery, 124 3rd Avenue North on February 12th 4pm – 5:30pm. It’s an opportunity for us to meet in person to discuss civic issues.

I want to send a shout out to all those who are embracing our winter city. Saskatoon just hosted the international Winter Cities Shakeup conference, generating an exchange of some truly inspiring ideas, and Broadway Theatre hosted another wonderful rendition of Winterruption.  My favourite quote from the week goes something like this: “You can’t make people like winter until you make winter likeable.”  On that note, special thanks to the volunteers working on Broadway’s Crokicurl project in front of the Broadway Roastery. Hopefully, we will be enjoying this winter city activity soon!

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