December Updates


This is a combined update from November and December, as I was hoping to provide a bit more clarity around our waste system before sending out information.  However, Council is still discussing the best way to manage our black bin program, as we try to address a funding gap and increase diversion away from the landfill.  For now, Council has passed a curb-side organics program that would roll out in 2020. Based on a new notice of motion this week, this too, may be up for discussion in the New Year.

Don’t forget that the calendar for the Recycle & Waste programs is going paperless in 2019. You can sign up for reminders here or download the Saskatoon Recycle & Waste app to your smart phone. 

Ride Sharing

Companies like Uber and Lyft could be operating soon, now that Council has passed a new bylaw permitting Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) to operate in Saskatoon.

The City continues to work with the taxi industry to level the playing field.


Below are two graphics that give a snapshot of the 2019 budget. The City is investing in parks and bridges, in order to ensure these assets are maintained in the long term.  Also, Police received additional resources to address the growing drug problem in our city.  The urban forest received additional funding to stave off invasive species attacks, and the City has added resources to address climate change.  One other note, Council approved investment in Enterprise Resource Management, a digital system that will bring City Hall into the 21st century, and is expected to save millions of dollars when fully implemented.


If you have more questions about the budget, I’m happy to discuss. Please send me an email, or chat in person at the next Coffee with Your Councillor. (TBA)

Parking in Varsity View

Restricted parking will soon be in place around President Murray Park.  Beginning January 14th, 2019 restrictions will limit parking to 2 hours, Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm.  As per the approved Local Area Plan, it’s designed to assist in reducing traffic and facilitate access to the park.  *Note these restrictions are separate from the Residential Parking Permit (RPP) program in place in the neighbourhood.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Discussions are ongoing, and Council is expected to make some routing decisions early in the New Year. Note that BRT is not designed to be fast, but rather more efficient.  With buses arriving more often and priority signalling at intersections, BRT is expected transform our transit system and hopefully encourage more folks to try out public transportation.

Further, BRT works with urban design to improve the livable, walkable human-centred environment. 

Density atop Bridges

2019 will see two project proposals come to Council that require rezoning by agreement. A 12-storey condominium is proposed at the top of the University Bridge, and a 17 storey high rise is proposed at the top of the Broadway Bridge.

You can check the public agenda at to find out when these items are coming to City Council.  Agendas are released on the Wednesday afternoon, before the Monday Council meeting

A few thoughts…

It has been a big year for Saskatoon.  A few highlights include the opening of two bridges, work on our Low Emissions Community Plan, significant progress on the Building Better Roads program and the Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth, a plan to start addressing flood-prone regions, the beginning work on a downtown entertainment district and renewed interest in downtown development, and continued efforts to find cost-savings through tech solutions. It was also a thrill for me to be involved in the tribute to Joni Mitchell on Broadway, and the designation of the River Landing Promenade in her honour.

Huge thanks to everyone who has been engaged on civic issues in 2019.  I truly appreciate your efforts to engage and provide feedback. Once again, hats off to the community associations and the Ward 6 Civics group, who work tirelessly to support our neighbourhoods.

All the best of the season to you and your loved ones. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and best wishes for a happy, healthy 2019.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve Ward 6.



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