City News from Cynthia - October 2018

What seemed like an abrupt end to summer has given way to a spectacular fall.  I hope you are enjoying the season.  Here are a few updates from City Hall.

Bus Rapid Transit

City Council received an update on BRT from our administration in October, as we try to sort out the myriad of questions and concerns to get this new transit system to work best for residents and businesses.

Project content and information about upcoming engagement activities can be accessed here.

Two upcoming events are planned with more in the works for November:

Downtown:  November 6 2018 from 3:00pm to 8:00pm
Hilton Garden Inn, South Room – 90 22nd Street East

Nutana:  November 8 2018 from 3:00pm to 8:00pm
Emmanuel Anglican Church – 609 Dufferin Avenue

The feedback gathered through these engagement opportunities will be reported to City Council in early 2019, along with the technical analysis.  It’s expected Council will be asked to make a decision about routing at this time.  Note, I plan to move a motion requesting that this discussion take place later in the day/evening, to allow for greater participation.

Trash Update

A city-wide curbside organics program is set to begin in 2020 as we try to divert this waste, which makes up nearly 60% of our landfill. Council continues to debate the black bin Pay as You Throw (PAYT) model and whether all waste should be paid as a utility to improve diversion, transparency and accountability.  There are pros and cons to this, and I’ve heard from many of you that fees should be more closely tied to usage.  I have advocated for a ‘pay per bin tip’ model from the outset, and will continue to look for ways to implement this.

View this FAQ sheet for more answers to trash questions.

Prairie Sun Brewery

This new business on Broadway has been approved at the former location of the Farnam Block.  The restaurant will include a micro-brewery.   It’s expected Prairie Sun will be ready for operation in the spring.


Saskatoon’s urban forest has been under assault in recent years due to invasive species, which has stressed resources for removal and replacement.  For residents who would like to accelerate this process at their own cost, there is now a process in place.  For more information go here or call 306-975-2890.

Residential Speed Limits

After 15 years, the City will review residential speed limits to determine best practices.  For example, we are one of very few cities that has reduced speed limits near high schools.  Also, reduced speed limits around parks with playgrounds are commonplace in many Canadian cities.  Note there is no plan to review speeds on major roadways such as 8th Street, College Drive, Circle Drive etc.  Currently, only the Montgomery neighbourhood has a reduced speed limit of 40kmh.

A few notes –

Pumpkins in the Park is on tonight at Rotary Park, beginning at 6pm.  (Fingers crossed the weather holds) Bring your jack-o-lantern for one last photo op before volunteers scoop them up to be composted. There will be hot dogs, hot chocolate and an opportunity to meet the neighbours.  Huge thanks to the Nutana Community Association (NCA) for organizing this great event every year. My daughter and I will be helping out from 7pm – 8pm.  I hope to see you there!

I want to give a shout out to the Ward 6 Civics Group.  We had a lively meeting this week, as we grapple with some big issues including infill and BRT.  It’s hard to get consensus, but I appreciate the efforts everyone makes to try to see others’ perspectives.

I am loving the new walkway on the recently opened Traffic Bridge, where I have discovered my new favourite jogging route from Nutana, through River Landing to Victoria Park. What a fantastic connection from the active transportation showcase on Victoria Avenue into the downtown!



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