May City News from Cynthia

It’s been a fantastic start to summer-like weather and I hope everyone is enjoying the longer days. Here are a few highlights from May.

Cannabis Bylaw

Council continues to work with our administration to develop a new bylaw in advance of the anticipated legalization of cannabis sometime this summer.  Council decided that the bylaw should include a 60 metre buffer zone from schools and daycares.


More information was provided this month regarding the overall cost of waste disposal.  Fees at the landfill combined with garbage fees (included on taxes), are not keeping pace with costs.  Many people are not aware of the exorbitant cost to replace and decommission our landfill (in the hundreds of millions of dollars), and at the current rate will last no more than 50 years.  As food waste makes up nearly half of overall waste, an organics program is being explored as we review our waste system.  Organics produce methane, which is a greenhouse gas.

Raw Water Intake

Council has asked administration to proceed with the development of a plan to implement a pilot project utilizing raw water for irrigating parks in the Brighton neighbourhood. It will also report back on opportunities for developing a corporate approach to use raw water for park irrigation.

Green Infrastructure Strategy

Council has approved ten guiding principles for a comprehensive plan designed to support sustainable growth.  The framework outlines a new approach to land use that considers natural areas, surface water management and other urban activities in an integrated fashion. The plan also supports financial sustainability by exploring options to reduce gaps in funding required to rehabilitate and maintain our infrastructure. You can read more here.

Lead Line Replacement

There’s been an unintended consequence to the lead line replacement program, which is now designed comprehensively by neighbourhood. Homeowners who are forced to replace their lines during construction no longer qualify to have the City pay its portion.  An amendment to the bylaw is forthcoming and in the meantime staff are working with homeowners to ensure the City pays its share.

A few other notes…

We welcomed veteran City employee, Jeff Jorgenson, as the new City manager, replacing Murray Totland as the chief civil servant.  I look forward to working with Mr. Jorgenson in his new role.

I was proud when Conflict Resolution Saskatchewan recognized Saskatoon for its leadership in Reconciliation, presenting the Peace Maker Award at City Council.  This is an important time in the life of our city and country as we look to bridge division and create a path where everyone can go forward together.

And on that note, this is a big month for promoting awareness about our collective past. I hope you’ll join me in the Rock Your Roots Walk for Reconciliation on Thursday, June 21st at 9:30 am in Victoria Park.

On a personal note, it will be an exciting and busy June.  In addition to being Deputy Mayor, I will also be a busy mom with the graduation of our daughter from Aden Bowman Collegiate.  We are so proud and excited for her, as she will now join her brother at the University of Saskatchewan.  Alas, it is bitter sweet.  They truly do grow up too fast.

Warm Regards,


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