City News from Cynthia: December 2017

Happy Holidays Ward 6

Here is the final newsletter for 2017:

  • This week City Council voted to restrict the use of fire pits from 5pm – 11pm.   I didn’t support this motion, as I think it falls short for those who enjoy them and does little to help those with health issues. I hope a renewed commitment to enforce the current bylaw, which requires users to consider their neighbours, will benefit all residents.
  • We officially passed the bylaw to expand the Residential Parking Permit program in Varsity View, Nutana and Riversdale.  The signs are expected to go up and the bylaw in effect by May.
  • Bus Rapid Transit engagement has been underway with stakeholders and the public.  Discussions are on-going and we anticipate further updates on plans for the BRT in early spring.
  • It was a frustrating year for many who underwent water main lining replacements. The City is reviewing its procurement strategy to avoid unnecessary delays in the future.
  • Fees are going up for illegal dumping of waste in the New Year. First time offences will cost $500, a second offence $1000, and up to $10,000 for an individual and $25,000 for a corporation.
    • Also, all waste/recycling carts must be removed by 7pm on the day of collection.
  • Transportation Network Companies (TNC) such as Uber and Lyft may be allowed to operate in Saskatoon in 2018.  We anticipate provincial legislation could be in place by spring, and the City wants to be prepared for any potential changes at the municipal level. We continue to work with the taxi industry to ensure any new bylaw is fair for both.
  • A successful assessment appeal by some folks who live near the riverbank slump means property owners in the area who have visible damage will be receiving new assessment notices in January.
  • Those who live in the flood areas and the odour region around Buckwold Bridge have yet to have any meaningful results to rectify their situations.  However, there is new information coming to Council early in the New Year, which will hopefully help to chart a better course.

There are a number of exciting things coming up in 2018 including the debut of the Traffic and North Commuter Bridges in the fall, along with new plans for BRT and Active Transportation.  I’m also looking forward to new development downtown as we continue to work to remove barriers and encourage investment.  As this is my lead priority area for City Council, I continue to work toward a liveable, walkable downtown that works for all ages and abilities.

The top priority in Ward 6 will continue to be the closure of basic infrastructure gaps.  We are making progress in some areas including roadways, a multi-modal street on Victoria Avenue and lead line replacement, but we have more work to do to ensure our majestic neighbourhoods keep pace with the rest of the city.

I wish you joy this holiday season and a happy, healthy 2018.



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